Get your dog painted or drawn


Very soon is Christmas!

Traditionally this is the time, when I draw your dog.

Just send me a few fotos. I would choose two of them. I would draw two pictures of your dog. You can choose one or take two.

Size: 19×29 cm

Technique: depends, often pencil and mixed media

price of the first one 150 €, if you take also the second one, you get this for the half price.

If you are interested, please do not wait too long, because I also need a bit of time.

Have a happy and sunny day – Stephan



P.S. If you want your dog painted or somebody else of your family, please contact me. This would be much more complex, because of the fotoshoots before. And I would start only with a ca.size of 120×170 cm. But it is so much fun!!!